About Us

Isn’t it amazing how the Holy Spirit works. One day I was talking to my then-4-year-old about her party decorations. She had selected a popular character, I realized that this popular character did not send an appropriate message regarding what we would like our children to learn.  As a result of this the Spirit touched me to have an idea in my mommy head to create the appropriate product line of party decorations.  

We began the company in 2019, we are a family owned business that functions out of our garage. Our mission is to help families through the party planning process by providing a range of saint themed party decorations for your home. You can find our products in a few select retail locations (we are looking to add more retail stores) and  we are also have strategic partnerships.

Our vision is to help children as well as all ages to grow in their journey towards their love of God through these Saints. We are blessed to have this opportunity to hopefully serve your family through these decorations. 

All of our products are 100% made in the USA and we partner with other suppliers that are family owned businesses. We also hope to donate 10% of our profit to a range of life giving organizations that will continue to help those in need. 

We are excited to support your needs with our ever growing product line. 


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